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Core Influences

  • Tacita Dean

  • Gerhard Richter

  • Robert Rauchenberg

  • Lisa Milroy

  • Barbican Centre, Magnificent Objects

  • Dennis Severs' House

  • Hal Foster, An Archival Impluse










The archive and art have always had a connection. Whether it is an archive of a deceased artist’s work or a collection of their personal belongings. For me my connection to the archive is that I have a record of all the materials that I have used in my work, whether it is the patterned fabric or a type of paint. This is important as it also means that I can look over the samples and decide which one to use, it is an index. Gerhard Richter does this with his ATLAS, it is his index of photographs/cuttings/sketches, yet he has curated it into a book. Lisa Milroy's paintings are a type of collection of the everyday - all the shoes, handbags and cakes.


Magnificent Objects at the Barbican was important for me, as it showed that I could present my 'collection'. As an archive is whatever you make it. From Peter Blake's elephants to an archive of an artist's everyday stuff.  But that anything can make up an archive and that it can be and whatever it needs to be to suit the work.

Lisa Milroy

Shoes, 1985

Lisa Milroy

Light Bulbs, 1988

Gerhard Richter

Atlas, 1964

Gerhard Richter

Atlas, 1962

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