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In the Shadows of A Subterranean River

In the Shadows of a Subterranean River, Crypt Gallery - St Pancras Church, 27th Oct - 30th Oct 2016


Part of Unit 2 on the MFA was to organise an exhibition at the Crypt Gallery, underneath St Pancras Church in London. And to create site-specific work responding to the space.


For this project I was part of the Marketing Team, and we were in charge of all the graphics, social media…. One of my jobs was to make a timeline that the Logistics team had asked for. This timetable documented all the jobs that the marketing group had to do and when they had to be done by E.G. Banner = Mid-September. Making the timetable I found no hassle, however it meant that I became a time keeper for when the jobs had to be done. In hindsight this did not work. Most of the jobs were done around the time that they had to be done, but some did slip. Even though we had a Facebook group to communicate and some face to face meetings over the summer, communication did falter over decisions to be made and on feedback needed for graphics and exhibition texts. On the other hand all the graphics and other jobs were done in time for the show and all the deadlines were met [albeit with a few weeks leeway].


My main job for the Marketing team was to design and organise the leaflet that would accompany the exhibition. It would contain the poster, press release, map of artists and artist information. The design was decided fairly early on, an A5 leaflet [folded A4] - Front = Poster, Middle = Map and Artist Information, Back = Press Release. The artist information in the leaflet would be basic because of space, and we planned to have a 'large print' version printed big displayed in the show itself detailing more artist information. For this leaflet I designed the map inside it, this map was based on the original map that the gallery provides on its website. I did make changes; the lines were all matched up and even [it was no longer wonky] and doorways that were blocked up for the show, now did not exist in the first place.


Putting together the leaflet was done last minute because it was made up of other elements. I had to wait for the poster design to be finalised, for the press release to be finished, and for the artist information. This I was fine with as it meant that I could concentrate on planning and designing the work for the show. With the deadline of work being Monday 24th October, I decided to ask for artist information on 23rd. The printing would take place on the Thursday, and I would only know the artist placement on the Wednesday. I gave the artists till the Wednesday night to send me the information I wanted. Name, Title, Medium, Website and Email Address. All the artists bar one sent me the information by the Wednesday morning, which I was surprised by and grateful for as it meant that I would not have to be up at all hours compiling the information. This mean that the leaflet could be printed on time as planned on Thursday morning, along with the large format information pages. Both these items were then delivered to the Crypt by Thursday lunch time.


The skills involved in making this project were time management, documentation and organisation.


Time management and organisation as I had to balance the making and planning of the work along with the leaflet designing and map making. Also organising to have the leaflets ready with information for printing.

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