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Core Influences

  • Lisa Milroy

  • Agnes Martin

  • Biggs and Collings

  • Sol Le Witt

  • Katrina Blannin

  • Dale Chihuly












The repetition in my work stems from the fact that in any pattern, symmetrical or not, will have the same shape repeated in some way, shape or form. Lisa Milroy repeats whole pieces in her work, whether it is shoes or handbags. Biggs and Collings have the same simple shape repeated over an entire work, this then creates the pattern. Agnes Martin commonly used a grid in her work. Andy Warhol was a major proponent of repetition. His silk screens had the same image which was then printed in different colours.

Sol Le Witt constantly repeated himself by making his rules, which were then given to whoever to make. So when the work was made it was a repeat.

Repetition also emerges itself through rhythm as the shapes repeat themselves throughout the pattern.

Another side to repetition is the constant remaking of a pattern. Katrina Blannin does this when she reuses a pattern/design and makes it again [Chance and Order / Eagle Gallery]. I have re-used patterns to make new work and this for me is important and I will never make them the same size. 

Dale Chihuly

Ikebana Boat

Dale Chihuly

Outdoor Fiori

Biggs and Collings

Agnes Martin

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