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Chelsea Space

1', Chelsea College of Art - SUARTS Space, 9th Feb - 4th March 2016


I did not have much input into this exhibition as I was trying to develop my practice and experiment. The term before I was caught up in with the ORBIS prize, and so I did not mind. The basis for this show was that everyone in the class would make a piece of work, measuring 1' in size. I exhibited a circular board in the new 'chaotic/non-geometric' style I was playing around with. It was only the fourth one I had made at the time.


The skills involved in this project were time management and documentation.


Time management because we had to have the piece completed by 9th February for the curators to install. With this new style, I hadn't yet learnt when to stop. So that deadline give me one which was nice as I could not keep going back to it. 

Chelsea Space
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