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Oxfam Bookshop, Part II

I am a volunteer at an Oxfam Bookshop and a few months before I had redecorated the themed window display shelves and now I had a new project, I was making and displaying the Christmas decorations. These would be hung from the ceiling and covering its entirety, these would be hanging over the customer’s head and so would need to be lightweight and not constantly fall down. Going from the theme of books [it being a bookshop] the decorations were to be made paper. But as it was Christmas, decorative patterned paper. These would then be hung on red and yellow sewing string from the ceiling. These decorations were to be origami Christmas trees. The shop was not a large shop but I was still making at least 150 - 200 for good coverage.


The skills involved in making this project were time management and documentation.


Time management, because I was making these to a deadline of mid-November which is when the manager wished to have the shop decorated by. Also, time management because I wanted these not to look rushed or confused, I wanted them to look professional; so, I could not rush them, I had to take my time. Documentation, I wanted to capture what the shop looked like in its 'not over the top Xmas fuzz' before the decorations came down for 6th January.

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